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RiserSafe® from Ambar Kelly is a total riser zone solution that works with all frame types. Almost all construction packages touch the riser zone. Ambar Kelly developed and patented the RiserSafe® system to provide a complete riser zone solution that accommodates all package interfaces in absolute safety.

No two construction projects are the same, so the value of RiserSafe® comes from the bespoke design and manufacture of each individual unit. This is essential to incorporate over 16 separate interfaces between the riser zone and the other disciplines. When mechanical and electrical (M&E) subcontractors need to fit their services, they simply remove the lids protecting the penetrations and install the services based on the M&E coordinated design.

  • Project Coordinators

    Our specialist project coordinators have a wealth of experience working with 3D modelling platforms on diverse projects.

  • CAD Team

    In-house CAD technicians work with the client to develop bespoke interface requirements for each project

    RiserSafe® CAD design team help to develop the exact interface requirements for the client.

  • Our Factory

    In house, fully dedicated and certified manufacturing capabilities. Each Welder Ambar Kelly RiserSafe® unit is manufactured to CE execution class II, structural steel and welded to the relevant welding procedure specification (WPS) by a certified coded welder.